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motaic solutions
About Motaic
Our Mission
Motaic's mission is to improve healthcare and workflow efficiency by providing solutions that are compliant, secure, cost effective, simple to implement and use.
Our ultimate goal is to bring health care information into the hands of the patient.
Motaic Solutions
Biometric centralized server based secure patient identification system which utilizes a combination of a fingerprint scan, unique patient identifier and patient specific authentication.
Welness Portal
Patient centric mobile app tailored for patients that allow complete healthcare management from appointments, prescriptions to test results. The mobile app will facilitate integration with any Medlink compatible solution.
Medlink Platform
Software development middleware kit for developers which enables clinicians and patients to connect securely with ease. The Medlink Platform enables the ability to send, retrieve and store medical data from virtually anywhere (device to cloud to mobile to device).
Key to patient identity
VeriPAT provides 100 percent positive patient identification throughout the patient’s healthcare lifecycle.
VeriPAT was developed as part of the CHIME National Patient ID Challenge and is not affiliated or owned by any specific healthcare institution, which allows global and consistent usage. For additional information about the challenge:
Ready to trial VeriPAT for 90 days?
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Wellness Portal
Own YOUR healthcare
The Wellness Portal enables complete integration with medical information from tests, devices, labs to prescriptions. It’s a complete solution that enables you to be in control of your medical information.
The Wellness Portal is not affiliated or owned by any specific healthcare institution so it's interoperable with any system, which gives you the freedom to change providers without losing valuable information.
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Features you will love
Wellness Portal
Easy to use
Simple and clean interface that has the most frequently used options assessable with one click. Notifications inform you when your next appointment is due or when test results are available.
Easy to use demographics screen that has all the information and questions you would typically be required to provide to a provider for a variety of healthcare specialties.
Data Sharing
Data Sharing allows you to automatically provide new patient information in advance of your appointment or in case of an emergency, alleviating waiting room time and unnecessary paperwork.
View, store and retrieve your lab and exam results just as the physician would. Increase confidence in your care and save time and money by having YOUR test results in your hands once they are ready.
Medlink Platform
Easy to install
Default install configured for the most typical integrations. Configuration is minimized.
Easy to use
Designed with the end user in mind whether you are a programmer, technician, physician or patient.
clean interface
Easy to use programming interface, prototype your connectivity solution in less than 5 days.
Plug-ins are available to support integration with electronic medical records and mobile applications.
Platform is independent of a specific vendor and can integrate with a new or existing legacy systems.
Platform supports a variety of healthcare information systems from medical devices, electronic medical records, prescriptions to lab results.
Compliant with FDA regulations, DICOM and HL7. Features facilitate HIPAA compliance.
Data is sent over a secured network connection and is encrypted.
Supports a variety of platforms such as Windows and Linux, desktop, web services and mobile.
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